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At Elko Hardwoods, we build one-of-a-kind furniture that you’ll enjoy using every day.

Elko Hardwoods resin river dining table

Functional Art.
Distinctive Furniture.

Whether it’s for the home or office, we create heirloom-quality furniture that is unique to your needs and to your space. Our works are celebrations of nature that will last for generations.

Our tables can be built to your room specifications so that you are guaranteed to have the right size for your space. Download our sizing guides to see some of our most popular options.

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tree to table
Our Process
Tree to Table
Don't settle for uninspiring off-the-shelf furniture. We use sustainably sourced, reclaimed wood and natural materials to custom design pieces that fit perfectly into your space. We're giving these trees a second life.
Embrace the Imperfections
Our Process
Embrace the imperfections
While most mills cut to avoid knots and imperfections, we saw for character and preserve the tree’s natural shape. This ensures that no two tables are the same.
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air drying
Our Process
Air Drying
Slabs are stacked to air dry for two years. This slow process helps retain rich color and prevent warping.
the design begins
Our Process
The Design Begins
The exciting design process begins. Working with a client, we lay out slabs to find the perfect orientation and begin chalking design elements.
preparing the slabs
Our Process
Preparing the Slabs
The surfacing, sanding and prepping of the rough slabs is done with various power and hand tools. Each slab is unique, so we customize our designs to the grain patterns and shapes revealed in this process.
applying the finish
Our Process
Applying the Finish
We apply a top of the line matte finish imported from Italy. Extremely durable and water-resistant, this low maintenance finish will protect the surface for many years.
A Solid Foundation
Our Process
A solid foundation
Base fabrication is done in-house and custom fitted to each tabletop. Standard and custom designs are available to complement each slab.
Our Process
The final product. Our tree to table process highlights the natural beauty of wood.
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“I can not say enough good things about their creativity and ingenuity as well as the focus on customer experience and overall collaborative approach.” – Mark L.

“The experience was enjoyable from start to finish. The whole team is lovely and easy to work with. . . . And the table is gorgeous—a work of art.” – Bethany K.

“From the start, they were incredibly responsive and so lovely to work with. They took my ideas . . . and delivered an absolutely extraordinary statement piece.” – Bex R.

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We’re With You Every Step Of The Way.

We make it simple and enjoyable to find your perfect table.

Step 1: Browse

Browse our inspiration gallery and get ideas. Consider your space and what will work best for you.

Step 2: Design

Using our dynamic table builder tool, you are able to select your table size, wood type and base.

Step 3: Approve

Working closely with our team, you’ll receive slab photos and mockups of your table before we begin.

Step 4: Transform

Your piece will be handcrafted upon final approval. Arrangements are made to get your unique piece into your home or office.


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