About Elko Hardwoods

Our Philosophy

At Elko Hardwoods, we know that your home should comfortably express your style. In order to do that, you need furniture that is beautiful and unique to you. The problem is that mass-produced furniture is rarely right for your space, and if it is, it’s often made from questionably sourced wood and harmful chemicals.

We believe that American hardwoods and skilled craftsmanship make the best furniture. That’s why we have mastered every part of the process—from tree to table—to create the furniture you want.

We try not to interfere with nature’s design and instead try to emphasize the beauty that is naturally created.

Our History

Matt Thomas began salvaging and sawing urban trees shortly after graduating college with a degree in fine arts. His passion for sustainability, the natural world, and quality craftsmanship culminated with the founding of Elko Hardwoods in 2013, with his brother Jeremy. In 2016, Elko Hardwoods opened a showroom in Chicago to become one of the only stores in the Midwest to offer local, sustainably-sourced live edge furniture.

Our furniture is the culmination of our continuing passion for sustainability, the natural world, and quality craftsmanship.



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