Wood and Paint Samples

Wood Samples

We only use sustainably sourced American hardwoods to construct our furniture. We fell the trees, cut the slabs, air- and kiln-dry each slab, and handcraft every table. We offer wood samples so you can find the perfect type of wood for your custom Elko Hardwoods piece.

  • Sample oxidized maple wood

    Oxidized Maple

  • Sample sycamore wood


  • Sample oxidized oak wood

    Oxidized Oak

  • Sample oxidized walnut wood

    Oxidized Walnut

  • Sample whitewashed oak wood

    Whitewashed Oak

  • Sample blackened oak wood

    Blackened Oak

  • Sample walnut wood


  • Sample whitewashed ash wood

    Whitewashed Ash

  • Sample blackened ash wood

    Blackened Ash

  • Sample ash wood


  • Sample oak wood


  • Sample blackened elm wood

    Blackened Elm

  • Sample elm wood


  • Sample maple wood


  • Sample cherry wood



Standard Powder Coat Paint Samples

We also offer custom powder coat colors for our steel bases and we can source chrome bases as needed.

  • Sample matte black powdercoated steel

    Matte Black

  • Sample satin brass powdercoated steel

    Satin Brass

  • Sample bright gold powder coated steel

    Bright Gold


Box of Samples

This beautiful, handmade display box contains samples of our 9 most popular woods and all 3 of our standard paint colors. 

  • Box of wood samples on a live edge table

    Sample Library