Wood Types

May 4, 2023

When ordering a custom table, a great place to start is with the wood species. All of our woods are sustainably sourced in the Midwest with each species offering something a little different.


Cherry has a mostly closed, fine grain with a straight and uniform pattern. Coloring can range from a warm peachy color to rich reddish brown and darkens with age and exposure to sunlight. Cherry often contains flecks of brown and black.


Walnut is known for its vibrant rich brown color with possible red and purple tones and a light cream-colored sapwood. The grain is fine and semi-open, making it a beautiful choice for a dining table.


Maple is a beautiful wood that is often the most figured in pattern giving it a natural iridescence. While it is often the most figured pattern, it can also be straight-grained depending on the cut. Maple has mostly closed pores and is a fine-grain wood, resulting in a smooth finish. Maple has a light creamy color with some warm peach and reddish-brown tones.

Keep reading for more information about our oxidized maple.


Elm has a smooth and straight interlocking grain with a finely waved pattern. Coloring on elm can range from a grayish tan shade to medium reddish brown.


Oak has a coarse open grain that is straight or figured depending on the cut of wood. Oak has very warm coloring ranging from yellowish to medium brown, often with reddish tones. Oak is a popular wood to use with our staining options.

Keep reading for more information about the different finishes available for oak.


Lighter in color than some of our other options, ash is usually a creamy white to greyish brown. Ash is another wood that works well with a blackening or whitening treatment.

Keep reading for more information about blackened and whitewashed ash.


Sycamore has a figured and mostly closed grain making the texture fine and even. It’s coloring usually ranges from tan to light brown, often with a lot of color variation within one section of wood.


Bonus Options: Wood Treatments


Oxidized Maple

An oxidized finish is one of our most popular options. To achieve this look, the wood is treated with a natural, oxidizing grey stain. We offer oxidized maple, oak, and walnut. The oxidizing process brings out the stunning grain of each wood but especially maple.


With this finish, the wood is treated with a black stain, bringing out more definition in the grain pattern and texture. We recommend the blackening technique for oak or ash woods.


The final treatment we offer is whitening. In a similar process to the blackening, the wood is treated with a whitewash stain, bringing out more definition in the grain pattern and texture. Oak and ash are again the best woods for this treatment.