Elko Hardwoods furniture pieces are constructed from real trees and solid slabs of wood. Elko Hardwoods offers a warranty covering defects in workmanship, materials, and construction of our furniture for a period of 1 year.

If a defect is found during that period, we will either repair or replace the defective item, or substitute a different item, at our sole discretion. 

Our warranty is valid only where the customer maintains a humidity level in the range of 40% – 60%.  Within that range, and especially outside of that range, splitting of wood should not be considered a defect, but rather appreciated as an inherent characteristic of solid wood.  Nevertheless this warranty will cover splitting of wood that occurs within one year and within the specified humidity range.  Warranty does not apply to furniture that is placed directly over HVAC vents, radiators, space heaters, or other appliances that heat or dry the air.

Our warranty is not transferable to another owner.  

Neither does this warranty apply to damage resulting from accident, alteration or misuse. The Elko Hardwoods warranty does not apply to damage from normal wear and tear such as dents, nicks, scratches, fading and improper maintenance. This warranty is only valid if products are given proper use and care.


All of our furniture requires minimal care, and we build these tables to withstand many years of regular use. We use incredibly durable, high-quality finishes that are imported from Italy. Because of this, cleaning the tabletop is a breeze. Just dust with a damp rag and clean any oily spills with a solution of mild soap and warm water. There is no need for waxing, polishing, or any other maintenance.

Please take care to avoid aggressive scrubbing, solvents, or prolonged moisture contact. As with any finish, avoid setting hot items directly on the surface. Avoid oil-, bleach-, or silicone-based cleaners.

Solid hardwood tabletops and metal bases are nearly as heavy as they are beautiful. Avoid dragging furniture and please use two people to move large pieces safely.


Wood is a natural material that responds to its environment. When the air is dry, wood loses moisture and shrinks. Excess moisture in the air causes it to swell. Some shrinking and swelling is to be expected; however, controlling the humidity and dryness is essential for preventing damage. To ensure your table remains beautiful and structurally sound for generations, your home or office should be kept at a relative humidity of 40-60%. This often requires a humidifier in winter and an air conditioner during the summer. Wood furniture should also be kept away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces.


Though our durable finish adds some UV protection, every slab of wood is a natural material that is vulnerable to some color change with exposure to light, particularly during the first year. To avoid irregularities in the natural darkening or lightening process (respective to the wood species), we recommend occasionally moving any décor or place-settings around your table. If an irregularity does occur, have patience – with regular exposure to light it will level out with the surrounding wood.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Damage done to the furniture after delivery is the responsibility of the customer. We will do what we can to help you with minor repairs, touch up, etc. for free or a nominal charge depending on the issue. On rare occasions we may return items for repair. Shipping and repair charges will apply in these cases. Elko Hardwoods is not responsible for and will not make repairs on furniture not originating from our store.